Praxis (Building Solutions)

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PRSM Sustainability Worksheet

A comprehensive enterprise operations sustainability planning document, that covers all relevant environmental criteria across all planning stages, from target area identification, through baselining, benchmarking, goal-setting,



WRT Green Operations Plan

A comprehensive and detailed criteria set and guidance document for this national, multi-office design firm recognized for its early environmental leadership.



Penn Comprehensive Sustainability Evaluation Schema

An extensive and detailed schema that captures most impacts a campus-based university might have across environmental, social, and economic factors, and through curriculum,



Penn Comp Materials System Map

An example of a mapping exercise for an operational system, and its resource and sink impacts, bridging several organizational divisions, and offering the opportunity to identify coordination points very explicitly.


Penn Macro Carbon and ERF Investment Projections

An example of an identification of GHG impact areas, and an investment opportunity/timing evaluation.



Ecosystem Services Valuation

An example of a cutting edge environmental valuation approach, as a creative and thought-provoking way of couching sustainability initiatives in financial terms.            


A technical sustainability consulting company with clients and strategic partners including University of Pennsylvania, the Pentagon, B Lab, the U.S. Green Building Council, Autodesk, Con Edison Company of New York, Wallace Roberts & Todd, Humanscale.