Praxis (Building Solutions)

Praxis | Building Solutions, LLC is a consulting company owned and operated by Max Zahniser. Praxis's mission is to provide technical, process-based, and strategic sustainability consulting services to support highest potential performance outcomes in the built environment and within organizations and cultures, and across economic, social and environmental systems. 

Through Max's exposure to, experience in, and development of building and organizational best-practices, we can help clients to unlock previously unheard of potential for high environmental performance that also yields sometimes immediate, and almost always short and mid-term finanicial benefits. 

See these two articles for current and past work. 

To reach Max for media, public speaking or teaching opportunities, or to discuss his supporting a project, please send an email to 

And please enjoy the Theory and Practice blog entries, which contain articles written and co-written by Max exploring various dimensions of emerging trends in the world of sustainability. 



1. Practical application or exercise of a branch of learning.

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2. Translating an idea into action.

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A technical sustainability consulting company with clients and strategic partners including University of Pennsylvania, the Pentagon, B Lab, the U.S. Green Building Council, Autodesk, Con Edison Company of New York, Wallace Roberts & Todd, Humanscale.